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We live in an age in which every responsible company acts to protect natural resources, acknowledging the fact that environmental protection is only rarely associated with fundamental changes brought about by technological revolutions. As a rule, small steps and constant improvements lead to progress, which ultimately lies in the sum of individual measures.
That is why it demands a certain attitude of mind. The protection of natural resources must be considered in each entrepreneurial, organisational and financial decision.

Baroda Polyform Private Limited is a company with a tradition that goes back a long way. Not only in relation to our long-standing and successful business activity in rotational moulding, but also in respect of the responsibility associated with it – a responsibility we have always assumed readily and conscientiously.
Environment responsibilty and sustainability conduct is firmly embodied in our corporate philosophy and forms a fundamental part of our strategy. We have made it a principle to act responsibly towards our customers, partners, suppliers and staff at all times. We apply this same strict standard to the way we treat the environment and its resources.

In the areas of environment, health and safety (EHS) at both the corporate and industry levels, Baroda Polyform has had a longstanding commitment to sustainability.
Baroda Polyform has had a robust plan in place for many years and continues to integrate sustainability objectives into Company operations, including a well-established global EHS management system. We have, and will continue to, seek ways to reduce waste, promote recycling, and increase efficiency of energy and water use in our facilities.
Our commitment includes specific short- and long-term goals at our own manufacturing sites, including solid waste reduction goals, paper and chipboard recycling goals, plastic recycling, and emissions reduction goals.
Some of the EHS highlights include:

  • Standarisation of every process and product and quality & safety assurance as per ISO 9001 : 2008 standards.
  • Product Recycling of each and every product after its usable life and to ensure quality that we believe in.
  • Social presence and sharing ideas to highlight the ignored responsibility of moving towards more sustainable and green technologies to help pass on a healthy environment.

To know more, visit our innovation community page...

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