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Fork Lift Pallets

When it comes to delivering Industrial support products and solutions, SUPER from Baroda Polyform Pvt. Ltd. matches scales with international names. In order to deliver the best quality products from our portfolio of innovation driven Industrial support products and solutions.

From our recent launches under support solution products, we at Baroda Polyform proudly present to you Super Fork Lift Pallets.

1.   To provide superior grip and handling, the outer skin of Super Fork Lift Pallets is made from virgin       medium density polyethylene

2.  For better strength and load bearing, the inner filling of Super Fork Lift Pallets is done from virgin      Polyethylene Foam

    a. Polyethylene is much stronger then Polyurethane. This Polyethylene gives structural strength to whole pallets in tensile as well as compressive load  

3.   For Super Fork Lift Pallets Polyethylene outer skin and the Polyethylene foam are made up with       the same parent material, that’s why bounding is much stronger between foam layer and outer       skin when compared to Polyurethane with Polyethylene.

4.   For coloring our pallets, we are using master batch, making these pallets UV stabilized and       providing them strength.Super Fork Lift Pallets are available in various color options with an       assurance of being fading proof even in direct sun light.



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